SDET Stuff

End to end automation testing using Selenium Web Driver, Rest Assured, JMeter, Junit, TestNG etc.

Essential Skills for SDET Role

  1. Knowledge of Java and Python is helpful

  2. Basics of Core Java (Inheritance, OOPS, Collections, Exception handling)

  3. Basic understanding of Algorithms & DS (Sorting, Searching, recursion, dynamic programming, hash table and List etc.)

  4. Knowledge of Test Libraries for Unit, Acceptance and End To End Testing for e.g. JUNIT, TestNG, Hemcrest, Cucumber, Selenium and Rest Assured for REST API testing.

  5. Ability to write small framework for testing from scratch using Core Java.

  6. Basic Knowledge of SQL, Database and Linux Shell Programming.

  7. Build, CI & CD and Automation Tools - Jenkins, Gradle etc.

  8. Puzzles and Quantitative aptitude

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