SDET: JUnit interview questions for automation engineer

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In this article we will cover important interview questions around Junit 4 and Junit 5 for every automation SDET engineer.

  1. How will you write a simple Junit program?

  2. Why do you write Unit tests in isolation?

  3. Can we only write unit tests using Junit?

  4. How does Junit compares with TestNG and other frameworks like BDD/Cucumber/etc?

  5. How will you group Junit 5 testcases based on functionality or other parameters?

  6. How to create custom Junit 5 meta annotation for a Tag?

  7. How to programmatically run Junit 5 testcases for a specific Tag/Class/Package using Java/Kotlin code?

  8. How to make certain testcase run on a specific environment/machine/os only, skip otherwise?

  9. How to write integration testcase using Junit 5?

  10. How to write API testcases using Junit 5?

  11. How to specify order of execution for testcases? Should’d testcase be written in such a way that they can be run independent of execution order?

  12. How to write dynamic testcase in Junit 5? Write dynamic testcases for asserting recently developed palindrome function.

  13. What are parameterized tests in Junit 5? How to write a simple Parameterized test? When to use parameterized tests?

  14. How will you compare parameterized tests with dynamic tests?

  15. Write a simple Junit 5 testcase that checks a REST API for unauthorized access?

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