Machine Learning

Python and machine learning

Introduction to Python & Jupyter Notebook

  1. Introduction to Python

  2. Python setup on Macbook

  3. Creating virtual environment

  4. Jupyter notebook setup

  5. Markdown syntax in Jupyter notebook

Flask and REST endpoints

  1. Introduction to Flask APIs

  2. Flask vs Django

  3. Making flask production ready using wsgi

  4. Creating REST endpoint

  5. Deployment using Docker

  6. Jenkins Job Setup

  7. Production readiness

Apache Spark

  1. Introduction to Apache Spark

  2. Setting up spark on iOS

  3. Introduction to pyspark

  4. Using Spark in Jupyter notebook

  5. Java self contained application for Spark

Google Dialog Flow

  1. Introduction to Google Dialog Flow, formerly

  2. What is RPA

  3. Usecases of DialogFlow

  4. Developing fulfilllment API in Spring Boot 2


  1. Writing Toxic Detection program in machine learning (python, keras, flask, docker)

  2. Gender Detection

  3. Sentiment analysis

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