Java Interviews

Interview - Product Companies, eCommerce Companies, Investment Banking, Healthcare Industry, Service Companies and Startups.

Companies in IT can be divided based on their domain. Major domains in IT industry are - IB, Healthcare IT, eCommerce, telecom, services and body shopping.

Healthcare IT Domain

  1. Edifecs Technologies Java Interview Questions

  2. hCentive Healthcare IT Java Interview Questions

  3. UHG java Interview Questions

  4. Top 50 Healthcare IT Java Interview Questions

Interview Questions by Subject

  1. Top 20 Spring Framework Interview Questions

  2. Top 20 Hibernate Interview Questions

  3. Top 20 Core Java Interview Questions

  4. Top 20 Algorithm and Datastructure Interview Questions for Java Programmer

  5. Top 20 Puzzles for Java Programmer

  6. Top 20 Database Questions for Java Programmer

  7. Top 20 Java Collections and Multi-threading Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Freshers

System Design Interview questions

  • Using Hashing to horizontally distribute the problem

  • Concept of Consistent Hashing in distributed system

Important Books For algorithms

  1. Steven Skiena – The Algorithm Design Manual

  2. Laakmann Gayle - Cracking the Coding Interview

  3. Udi Manber – Introduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach

  4. Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein – Introduction to Algorithms

  5. Sedgewick, Wayne – Algorithms by Sedgewick

  6. Programming Pearls by John Bentley

  7. Elements of Programming Interviews in Java

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