BlackRock Java Interview Questions

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Core Java & multi-threading questions

Algorithm & design questions

  1. There is a pricing service which connects to Reuters & Bloomberg and fetches the latest price for the given Instrument Tics. There could be multiple price events for the same Stock and we need to consider the latest one. Design a service to show prices for the Top 10 stocks of the Day? Solution is discussed in my eBook

  2. There is a very Big file containing many words, how will you read and process it to print the below information?

    • Top 10 ranked distinct words.

    • Occurrence of each Alphabet in the file.

  3. How will you implement a Stack using a Queue?

  4. How will you implement a Queue using a Stack?

  5. How will you design a two way Elevator Software for a building?

  6. How will you find a single duplicate number from a large array in minimum time?

Misc troubleshooting

  1. How will you troubleshoot poor memory performance of a live production program?

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