Find longest non-repeating substring from a given string in Java

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  1. Traverse the string from position zero till end of length

  2. maintain a hashmap of already visited characters

  3. Maintain current substring with non-repeating characters with the help of a start and end index.

  4. maintain the longest non-repeating substring in result variable

Java implementation
String getNonRepeatingSubstring(String input) {
    Map<Character, Integer> visited = new HashMap<>();
    String result = "";
    for (int start = 0, end = 0; end < input.length(); end++) {
        char currChar = input.charAt(end);
        if (visited.containsKey(currChar)) {
            start = Math.max(visited.get(currChar) + 1, start);
        if (result.length() < end - start + 1) {
            result = input.substring(start, end + 1);
        visited.put(currChar, end);
    return result;

Unit testing

We can write simple JUNIT based test to assert the correctness of our program.
import org.junit.Test;

import static org.hamcrest.CoreMatchers.equalTo;
import static org.junit.Assert.*;

public class NonRepeatingStringTest {

    public void getNonRepeatingSubstring() {
        NonRepeatingString utils = new NonRepeatingString();
        assertThat(utils.getNonRepeatingSubstring("javaconceptoftheday"), equalTo("oftheday"));
        assertThat(utils.getNonRepeatingSubstring("ABDEFGABEF"), equalTo("ABDEFG"));
        assertThat(utils.getNonRepeatingSubstring("stackoverflow"), equalTo("stackoverfl"));

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