hCentive Java Interview Questions

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Multi-threading Questions

  • What do you understand by thread-safety ? What are various mechanisms to achieve thread-safety in java ?

  • How will you design your own ReentrantReadWriteLock class where one thread can write and many threads can read in parallel ? How does it affect the throughput of a multi-threaded system ?

  • What are various methods to acquire lock in java ? discuss their comparison.

  • How to avoid deadlock in your application ?

  • How is ConcurrentHashMap better than hashmap in java ?

General Java

  • What are different memory generations in Java ? What is Stack and heap memory ?

  • Write a thread-safe Singleton Java Class.

  • What is difference between hashtable, hashmap and Concurrenthashmap in java ?

  • What is difference between Iterator and ListIterator in Java ?

  • What is Immutable Class ? What is reason behind using a Immutable class in your application ?

  • What is difference between String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder ?

  • What is difference between CheckedException and UncheckedException ? Give some example of RuntimeException ?

Spring Framework

  • What are different Bean scopes in Spring ? What is the default bean scope ?

  • How many objects Spring container creates for a given bean definition ?

  • What is Bean Lifecyle ?

  • How do you encrypt a password in spring security ?

  • Describe practical use of Spring Interceptors ?

  • What is Servlet LifeCycle ?

  • How do you declare a custom error page in Spring ?

  • What is difference between doGet() and doPost() methods ?

  • What is difference between Forward and Redirect ?

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