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Commonly asked interview questions for iOS interview 0-3 years experience. OOPS concepts, algorithms, data structures, object-c and swift

  1. What is a final class?

  2. What is inheritance?

  3. Restful vs stateful APIs, SOAP API.

  4. Why do we use JSON instead of XML for APIs

  5. what is a class? why do we add a class to program? can we work without classes.

  6. what is the difference between a class and structure?

  7. Difference between objective-c vs swift, which one should be used and why?

  8. Difference between linked list and arrays? Which one should be used in a given scenario?

  9. How can you find app crashes in production?

  10. time & memory complexities of algorithms like sorting/searching. Deletion and insertion in an array, what is the time complexity in that case?

  11. Difference between let and var? (constant and variable)

  12. difference between optional and non-optional variables.

  13. How will you handle exceptions in swift?

  14. Why do we use SDWebImage?

  15. How to use cocoa pods?

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