iOS interview questions for 0-3 years experience

Upasana | April 22, 2019 | 1 min read | 12 views

Top 10 iOS interview questions for 0-3 years experience

  1. Which is better - core data vs sqlite. Core data is wrapper over the sqlite. Pros and Cons of each.

  2. JSON vs XML comparison. Pros and Cons - XSD: XML Schema Definition

  3. SSL - Two way handshake between two devices without any intermediate server

  4. How to reduce battery consumption:

  5. How to reduce the app size

  6. What are different states of an Application: Foreground, background, active, inactive and suspended

  7. Explain internals of a LinkedList. How to implement LinkedList in Swift

  8. Programming exercise: How to reverse a string, remove duplicates from integer array without using sets, mix array of 0s and 1s rearrange so that zeros come before 1s

  9. TableView Delegates and DataSource

  10. Difference between If, let and GuardLet

  11. Explain different HTTP methods - GET, PUT, POST, PATCH and DELETE and their significance

  12. Difference between Delegate and Notification in iOS

  13. What is Realm database in iOS

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