Must have tool, technologies & skills for a Java Developer

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Essential Tools for Java Developer

  • Java Development Kit (Java 8 or 9)

  • Git Distributed Version Control System

  • IntelliJ IDEA for Development Environment or Eclipse

  • Android Studio for Android Development

  • Atom or Notepad++ for misc editing tasks

  • Ubuntu/Centos/Windows OS

  • Microservices Architecture Styles for Software Development

  • REST over HTTP communication

  • Algorithms and Datastructures

  • Concurrency and multithreading in Java

  • Familiarity with any Cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, etc)

  • NoSQL and SQL database knowledge (MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, HBase, Apache Cassandra)

  • Familiarity with Text Search Libraries (Lucene, Solr, Elastic Search, etc)

  • Basic Knowledge of Jquery and javascript

  • Freemarker/Velocity Template Engine

  • Spring Framework/ Spring Boot

  • Basic understanding of Servlets

  • Jetty/Tomcat/Undertow or other servers

  • HTML 5

  • Firebug Firefox/ Chrome Developer Tools

  • Head First Design Patterns in Java

  • Concurrency In Practice by Brian Goetz

  • Effective Java 2nd Edition by Joshua Bloch

  • Algorithms 4th edition :

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