SDET Java Role - Essential Skills

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Essential skills for Java SDET role.

Core Java Concepts

Good understanding of Core Java is helpful. Important concepts in core java are: Inheritance, OOPS, Collections, Exception handling, etc. Ability to write small framework for testing from scratch using Core Java.


Working knowledge of python is helpful. Python is interesting language with lot of libraries available for day to day automation work. Python is also helps for DevOps skill.

Algorithms & DS

Basic understanding of Algorithms & DS (Sorting, Searching, Recursion, Dynamic Programming, Hash table and List etc.)

Restful API

Knowledge of HTTP, REST, microservices architecture, API Testing, OAuth2 protocol, etc. Tools and techniques for API testing.

Testing Frameworks

Knowledge of Test Libraries for Unit, Acceptance and End To End Testing for e.g. JUNIT, TestNG, Hemcrest, Cucumber, Selenium and Rest Assured for REST API testing.

Database Concepts

Basic Knowledge of RDBMS concepts - SQL, different types of joins, indexes, query optimization, etc.

UNIX Shell Scripting

Linux Shell Programming, unix commands, piping of commands, process management, systemd services, etc.

Build Automation Tools

Familiarity with open source build automation tools like Maven and Gradle that can build almost any type of software.

CI/CD Tools and Pipeline

Knowledge of at-least one build tool- Travis CI, Jenkins CI, Teamcity, etc. ability to setup a build pipeline on Jenkins. +


Familiarity with containerization tools & framework like Docker, Vagrant, etc.

Quant and Aptitude

Puzzles and Quantitative aptitude

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