TCS - Microservices Interview Questions for Java Developers

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Commonly asked Spring/Java Microservices Interview questions in TCS

Core Java

  • What is volatile variable?

  • What are key classes in java.util.concurrent package

  • Explain internals of ConcurrentHashMap

Microservices Concepts

  1. Why do we need microservices architecture?

  2. How to handle distributed transaction in microservices?

  3. What is Saga pattern in microservices?

  4. What is Zipkin and Sleuth?

  5. What is an idempotent operation?

  6. What is eventual consistency?

  7. What are biggest advantages of microservices architecture?


  1. How does OAuth2 works?

  2. Do we need to generate clientId and clientSecret for each microservices for handling security in inter-service communication.

  3. How Spring security works in microservice architecture?

  4. How to configure security at a Resource Server level.

  5. What is JWT?

  6. What kind of information should be put into JWT?

  7. What is a resource server

  8. How does resource server validates a given JWT token? Does it need to go to auth server each time a token comes?

  9. What is Token relay, how does it happen?

Inter service communication

  • One service calls 4 other services and collects the response, how to handle this.

  • How load balancing works in microservices?

  • What is zuul? is it a load balancer?

  • How does discovery client works?

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