Top 15 coding problems for SDET Java Interviews

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In this article we will discuss top 15 java coding problems that are relevant for SDET interviews -
java coding problems
Java Coding Challenges for SDET

Coding Challenges for SDET

  1. Write a program to compute & print fibonacci series

  2. Write a program to find sum of each digit of a given number using recursion

  3. Check if the given number is Armstrong number or not

  4. Write a program to get distinct words from a given file in Java

  5. Write a program to reverse a number in Java

  6. Write a program to reverse a string using recursion algorithm

  7. How to reverse a single linked list?

  8. Write a program to convert a string to number without using Integer.parseInt()

  9. Find longest substring without repeating characters

  10. Write a program to find common integers between two sorted arrays.

  11. Check if given string is anagram

  12. Check if a given sentence is Pangram or not

  13. Convert a decimal number to binary format in Java.

  14. Write a program to check if given number is Palindrome or not

  15. Count frequency of each character in a string

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