Top 30 Hibernate and Spring Data JPA interview questions

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Compilation of important Hibernate and Spring Data JPA interview questions for java developers.
  • Hibernate vs Spring Data JPA? What is difference

  • What are inheritance mapping strategies in JPA

  • What are different states of an entity in persistence context?

  • What are dirty read, non-repeatable read and phantom read?

  • What are different Transaction Propagation Levels?

  • What are different types of entity relationships in RDBMS?

  • What is difference between JPA unidirectional OneToOne and ManyToOne?

  • How to prevent lost updates in database transactions using spring data jpa

  • What is N+1 problem in Hibernate, how will you identify and solve it

  • How will you implement database table backed job queue using Spring Hibernate?

  • How to implement thread safe table backed global counter in spring hibernate?

  • Difference between getOne and findById in Spring Data JPA?

  • How to configure multiple data sources in Spring Data JPA?

  • How to implement optimistic locking in database using hibernate?

  • Is EntityManagerFactory and EntityManager thread-safe?

  • How to send an email from a transactional service only if the transaction succeeds?

  • How to fetch stream of records from a very big database table?

  • Batch insert data into database table using Spring Data JPA?

  • How to write testcase for Hibernate/Spring Data JPA?

  • How to use Projections to limit the record columns returned by Spring Data JPA query?

  • How to prevent Jackson from serializing the lazy relationship objects?

  • When do you annotate your repository with NoRepositoryBean?

  • How to persist million records into database using Spring Data JPA in an efficient manner?

  • How to execute Repository queries asynchronously?

  • How to upgrade your database from one application version to another?

  • Pros and cons of different ID generation Strategies in Hibernate?

  • Reactive database operations using Postgres and Spring Boot 2

  • Reactive mongodb operations using Spring Boot 2

  • How to use Projections to fetch the limited content from database?

  • How will you implement OneToOne relation using Spring Data JPA

  • How to use Criteria Builder API in Spring Data JPA

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