Top 50 Spring Interview Questions

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Spring Core

Spring Web MVC

Spring Data

  • How to use Projections to fetch the limited content from database?

  • How to send email only if database transaction is successful?

  • What is @NoRepositoryBean? When will you use it?

  • How to modify a record in database using update query? Give an example.

  • What is difference between findOne() and getOne() method of Spring Data JPA Crud Repository?

Spring Security

  • What is CSRF Protection mechanism?

  • What is difference between ignoring a path for web security vs permit all on a Path?

  • What is Spring Security Architecture, explain using Diagram.

  • What is difference between authentication and authorization?

  • How does OAuth2 works?

  • Explain adaptive one way Hashing functions for storing a password

  • Support for multiple Authentication providers in single spring boot application using spring security

Spring Boot

  • What is Spring Boot and what are its advantages?

  • How to enable Cache Busting?

  • How to restrict Spring Boot app on certain ipaddress only? lets say localhost.

  • Exception handling in Spring Boot

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