What is new in Spring Boot 2

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Whats new in Spring Boot 2

Here are Spring Boot 2 highlights:

  1. Spring boot 2 is liberated from legacy baggage of deprecated Java releases. Java 8 is the minimum baseline, with Java 9 support. Under the hood Spring Boot 2 uses Spring 5.

  2. Reactive web programming support with Spring Webflux. Find out more here

  3. Auto-configuration and starter POMs for reactive Spring Data Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase and Redis.

  4. Supports embedded Netty, along with HTTP/2 support for Tomcat, Undertow and Jetty.

  5. Kotlin us supported in Spring Boot 2, along with Junit 5. Now you can write Spring Boot 2 application from scratch in Kotlin. https://kotlinlang.org/docs/tutorials/spring-boot-restful.html

  6. A brand new actuator architecture, with support for Spring MVC, WebFlux and Jersey.

  7. Simplified security auto-configuration.

  8. Uses Spring Framework 5 under the hood.

  9. Gradle 4 required, works well with Gradle 5.

You can head to https://start.spring.io/ to start creating a new Spring Boot 2 based project.

Migrating from older versions

This migration guide can help if you are planning to upgrade from Spring Boot 1.5 to 2.x:

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