Asciidoc: How to use nofollow option in asciidoc document

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nofollow attribute is required on a hyperlink when you do not want to pass on the SEO page rank karma to the referring website. This is mostly used when you want to share a link of another website on your blog/website but do not want Google indexing bot to follow that link and increase target website’s page rank. Mostly comments section of any blog requires this hack.

We can use [opts=nofollow] attribute to make this work in asciidocs.

Input Asciidoc Text[12-factor-or-cloud-native-apps-for-spring-developement^, opts=nofollow]
Output HTML
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">the-12-factor-app-a-java-developers-perspective</a>

Using ^ makes sure that the external link is opened in new window. Its shortcut for [window="_blank"]

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