Misc IT & Integration

Misc IT integration topics - Payment Gateways, SMS gateways, Email Servers, Hosting Solutions etc.

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Payment Gateway Integration in Java

CCAvenue Integration

  • Web Integration

  • Mobile Integration Kit

  • How to confirm order and fetch payment using REST Call from CCAvenue Gateway

  • How to install callback hooks so that you do not loose any payment information due to spikes in server

  • Best Practices and things to avoid

PayUMoney Integration

Paypal Integration

  • Paypal SDK Integration

  • Best Practices

  • How to register with Paypal

SMS Gateway Integration

2Factor Integartion

  • Sending a Transnational SMS

  • Sending Promotional SMS

  • Scheduling a SMS using API

  • Fetch status of SMS Delivery

Email Server Integration

Zoho Integration

  • Sending Email from Java Program

  • Handling Failures Gracefully

  • Unblocking the email account

Using MandrillApi for Java

  • Sending Email using MandrilApi from a Java Program

Sendgrid Email Integration

  • Sendgrid SMTP integration

Free SSL Integration

  • Why SSL?

Lets Encrypt Integration

  • Integrating SSL into your app.

  • Scheduling Certificate Refresh using CronJob

  • Getting Certificates for multiple Sub Domains

Other Topics

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