AWS Lambda Interview Questions for Developers

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In this article we will be listing down questions that can be asked on AWS Lambda in an interview.

In case, you are not familiar with AWS Lambda creation and how to use it then you can follow these articles:

Questions/Answers on Lambda are as follows:

  • In which project, you had used lambda? Can you describe its functionality?

  • Are you familiar with API gateway and AWS Lambda integration?

  • How to use Lambda as RESTFul API?

  • Are there any constraints to AWS Lambda? - It times out after 15 mins and can hold RAM till only 4GB

  • What are pros of using AWS Lambda? - Infrastructure Cost

  • What are cons of using AWS Lambda? - Hard to manage code version control and cannot debug on local if other AWS infra is not open like DB etc.

  • How to use 3rd party libraries with AWS Lambda? - Add library as layer and add the layer in lambda

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