HSBC Technical Java Interview Questions

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  • Iterate BST in preorder, inorder and postorder manner

  • Quick Sort on Doubly linked list

  • Sort n numbers in range from 0 to 2^n-1 in linear time

  • Find length of longest consecutive path from a given string character.

  • what does time and space complexity means?

  • Given a string, find the longest substring which is palindrome.- full working code

    if the given string is “forgeeksskeegfor”, the output should be “geeksskeeg” if the given string is “abaaba”, the output should be “abaaba” if the given string is “abababa”, the output should be “abababa” if the given string is “abcbabcbabcba”, the output should be “abcbabcba

  • Explain the concept of Reentrancy?

  • How will you reverse a linked list in O(1) time.

  • Reverse a BST using recursion

  • How to Reverse a linked list .

  • Concatenate two BST

  • A large number was given as input in the form of string and we had to return its factorial in the form of string.

  • Describe Normalisation with examples.

  • Explain different types of joins with examples.

  • What is view in DBMS?

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