Java Interview Questions for SDET Role

Munish Chandel | July 27, 2018 at 10:59 PM | 242 views

Interview experience for SDET Java Role (Java, Cucumber, Selenium and TestNG)

Basic Questions

  1. What is idempotent operation? What methods should be made idempotent.

  2. What are common HTTP methods in REST you have used?

  3. HTTP Status Codes 1.x to 5.x Explain the differences.

  4. How will you make REST automation framework? API automation

  5. What is super class in Java?

  6. How will you make sure that main thread is the last one to exit?

  7. Main Interfaces in Collections API - List, Set, Map. What is difference between them?

  8. Enumerator vs Iterator? Which one is thread safe?

  9. Can collection classes be made serializable. How to achieve that?

  10. catch NPE first and Exception in last, will that work? Discuss the exception hierarchy.

  11. Error and exception difference with example. StackoverflowError, OOMError, etc.

  12. Custom exceptions, how will you create one?

  13. How will you compare two java objects?

  14. Multiple inheritance in Java? How does Java 8 addresses this?

  15. overriding and overloading difference.

  16. Inheritance vs Composition in Java.

Testing Questions

  1. JUNIT vs TestNG what are differences? Which one is better for QA?

  2. TestNG hierarchy - Tests, suites, classes, etc.

  3. Parameterization of tests in TestNG and data providers.

  4. TestNG Listeners. Uses


  1. Shell scripting

  2. How to create a service for running jar

SQL (non-oracle)

  1. Employee and Department table - all employees from employee table and only departments that exists for a employee from department table. Left outer join.

  2. How to delete duplicate records from a given table. (dulicate based on specified fields)

Algorithms Questions

  1. Searching an elements from a sorted and rotated array.

  2. Find two numbers of which the product is maximum in an array. sort and multiply first or last two elements.

  3. Sorting algorithms

  4. How to find the relative efficiency of a given algorithms

Build and Automation

  1. How is your CI and build environment setup in your project.

  2. API Testing suite

  3. Data Preparation for each test suite run

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