AWS DynamoDB Java interview questions

Upasana | January 17, 2020 | 2 min read | 257 views

  1. How dynamo DB is different than other NoSql databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, etc?

  2. Provide a best use case for DynamoDB in your application?

  3. How to atomically increment a column value in DynamoDB?

  4. What is ProvisionedThroughputExceededException? How to handle it?

  5. What is Eventual Consistency?

  6. How to ensure that commit in two tables is successful inside a single service method call?

  7. How to effectively write Unit Testcase for DynamoDB?

  8. What is Local DynamoDB?

    Local DynamoDB is provide by Amazon for testing code locally without deployment on the amazon AWS infrastructure. This is helpful in writing Dev Unit Testcases and its not 100% comparable to production DynamoDB instance.

  9. What is Hash Key, Range Key, Sort Key? How many Hash and Sort keys can be there in a single table?

  10. What is Global Secondary Index? What is Need for it? Tell a practical scenario where this would be required?

  11. What is Local Secondary Index, how many of them you can create? What is practical use?

  12. How will you scan all records of a DynamoDB table using a Java Code?

  13. How will you ensure that a write operation will not fail in DynamoDB so that you do not loose customer data? Probably using SQS?

  14. How will you implement Blog using DynamoDB as the data store?

  15. How will you implement Storage Service using DynamoDB?

  16. How will you implement Comments Service using DynamoDB?

  17. How will you store Adhaar Card data using DynamoDB?

  18. How will you ensure that no two threads update the same db record in parallel? DynamoDBVersionAttribute

  19. What are Conditional Updates? Live Scenario for the same?

  20. How do you store and fetch Time Series data in dynamoDB?

  21. How will you write End To End Integration Test using LocalDynamoDB?

  22. What is best way to automate creation of DynamoDB Tables? Code Deploy Scripts?

  23. What is Spring Data DynamoDB?

  24. What are Best Practices for Using DynamoDB?

  25. What is Burst Capacity? How to use it?

  26. How to Distribute Write Activity During Data Upload?

  27. How will you extract limited records from DynamoDB table using Projections?

  28. OneToMany Relationship in DynamoDB, When to use it?

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