Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB Tutorials and Questions for Interview Preparation

Amazon DynamoDB Articles

  1. When not to use Amazon DynamoDB

  2. How to incorrectly use Amazon DynamoDB

  3. Best Practices and Guidelines for using DynamoDB

  4. Key Concepts in Amazon DynamoDB

  5. What is eventual consistency in Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB Interview Questions

  1. How to configure Amazon DynamoDB for different environment - dev, qa and prod

  2. DynamoDB vs MongoDB

  3. How will you handle lost updates in Amazon DynamoDB

  4. How to Atomically Increment Counter suing DynamoDB

  5. How to scan all records from a table using Java API

  6. What is Hash Key, Range Key, Sort Key, Local Secondary Index and Global Secondary Index in Amazon DynamoDB

  7. How to update a field of single record using multiple threads without thread-contention?

  8. How will you store Time Series Data into Amazon DynamoDB?

  9. What are different data types in DynamoDB?

  10. How to handle conditional updates in DynamoDB? Update this record only if certain condition is met?

  11. How to Atomically Increment Counter using DynamoDB

Design Problems

  1. Design Comments Service using Spring and DynamoDB


  1. How to write Integration test using Spring Boot and LocalDynamoDB

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