No SQL design and development - Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL document DB.

What is NoSql


  • Different types of databases - Document based, key-value pair, RDBMS and Graph databases

  • DynamoDB vs MongoDB vs Apache Cassandra

  • When to use NoSql

  • Who all uses RDBMS

  • Who all uses NoSql

Amazon DynamoDB

  • What is Amazon DynamoDB

  • When to use Amazon DynamoDB

  • When not to use Amazon DynamoDB

Spring Boot and DynamoDB

  • Creating Integration Test using Local DynamoDB

  • How to Atomically Increment Counter suing DynamoDB

  • Optimistic Locking in DynamoDB Tables to avoid Lost Updates

  • Scanning all records from a table using Java API

  • Hash Key, Range Key, Sort Key, Local Secondary Index and Global Secondary Index


  • How will you implement a Comments Service using DnamoDB?

  • What is ideal business usecase for DynamoDB?

  • How will you store Aadhaar Data in DynamoDB, Design the table structure?

  • How will you store Time Series Data in DynamoDB?

  • How will you implement Blog Posts in DynamoDB?

  • How will you handle Conditional Updates in DynamoDB?

Amazon SQS

  • Why do you need SQS in microservices architecture?

  • Using SQS in Spring Boot Application

  • How to poll multiple items from Amazon SQS

Amazon S3

  • Storing a file in S3 using Java API

  • Retrieving a file from S3 using Java API


Apache Cassandra

  • Basics

NoSQL Interview Questions

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