Scan all records of a Amazon DynamoDB table using a Java Code

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Amazon DynamoDB Record Scanning

Sometimes we need to download all records from a remote dynamod db table for backup purpose. Amazon DynamoDB provides mechanism to scan and retrieve all records using ScanRequest.
public void downloadAllRecords() throws InterruptedException, IOException {
        final Object[] FILE_HEADER = {"id", "userId", "createdDate"};
        CSVFormat csvFormat = CSVFormat.DEFAULT.withRecordSeparator("\n");
        CSVPrinter csvPrinter = new CSVPrinter(new FileWriter(tableName + ".csv"), csvFormat);

        ScanRequest scanRequest = new ScanRequest()
                .withAttributesToGet("id", "userId", "createdDate");
        int counter = 0;
        do {
            ScanResult result = client.scan(scanRequest);
            Map<String, AttributeValue> lastEvaluatedKey = result.getLastEvaluatedKey();
            for (Map<String, AttributeValue> item : result.getItems()) {
                List record = new ArrayList();
                AttributeValue userIdAttribute = item.getOrDefault("userId", new AttributeValue());
                AttributeValue idAttribute = item.getOrDefault("id", new AttributeValue());
                AttributeValue createdDateAttribute = item.getOrDefault("createdDate", new AttributeValue());
            scanRequest.setExclusiveStartKey(lastEvaluatedKey); (1)
        } while (scanRequest.getExclusiveStartKey() != null);
        System.out.println("CSV file generated successfully.");
1 The primary key of the first item that this operation will evaluate. Use the value that was returned for LastEvaluatedKey in the previous operation.

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