Finastra Investment Banking Interview Questions

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Core Java Multi-threading and Executor Framework

  • Can two threads access two different synchronized methods of a single class at the same time?

  • What does synchronization keyword do at the method level?

  • What is executor framework? What is role of a BlockingQueue in executor framework?

  • What is Completable future? How does it compare to Future?

Collections, Streams and Lambda Expression

  • How will you sort employees based on their age? Use Lambda expressions for comparator.

  • Word frequency program using lambda expression and streams.

  • How to convert a list into map using streams.

  • How to use Java Stream reduce method with a coding example? Use reduction to find a string with maximum length from a given array of strings.

Coding challenges

  • Write a program to count frequency of words from a given sentence.

  • Sort a random array of 0’s and 1’s to make 1’s appear before zeros.

  • Find pair of numbers from a given array that sums to a given number.

  • How to remove duplicates from a sorted array.

  • How will you find item at middle of a linked list

Inter-service communication

  • How to call one microservice from another microservice in Java? What are pros and cons of different approaches?

  • How to pass user’s token while invoking one service from another

  • Secure service to service communication without resource owner (client credentials workflow)

  • How to call two different services from a method and join the results?

Misc Integration

  • Cassandra: What is consistent hashing

  • PubSub: What is difference between pub/sub and other queue systems

  • What is sharding in elastic search? What is technical architecture of ES, What is deployment architecture, how data is stored and indexed into ES

  • What is difference between Git pull and Git fetch. Git pull = git fetch + git merge

  • How many shards should be there in one index

  • How many types per index in elastic search

  • Topology of elastic search deployment, replicas, nodes and shards

  • Size of a single document in elasticsearch

  • How to decide the number of shards for an index


  • How to replace all occurrences of a given word with another in a file on UNIX

  • How to stream exceptions from a live log file

  • How to login into docker container

  • How to check logs from a docker container

  • How to find all files in a given directory that contains a given text


  • Describe a microservice that you built from scratch

  • Bounded context problem in elastic search

  • Why to use Queue for communication across microservices

Last round questions

  • What microservice did you develop from scratch in production, describe below points for the same:

    • What was used for Version Control

    • What kind of deployment artifacts were produced and why (jar, war, docker etc)

    • How did the deployment happen? (manual, version control hook, jenkins, ci/cd)

    • what was the functional boundary for microservice

  • What features of Java 8, 9, 10 and 11 have you used in your recent projects.

  • What is deployment architecture for ElasticSearch (nodes, clusters, workers, replicas, shards, etc.)

  • Why would you use a queueing system (Google Pub/Sub) in microservices communication?

  • What are advantages of Stream in Java? How does stream compare to collections.

  • What are advantages of functional style of programming using lambdas introduced in Java 8?

  • What is back pressure in reactive programming?

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