RBS Java Programming Interview Questions

Upasana | August 10, 2019 | 2 min read | 1,344 views | investment banking

In this article we will focus on java programming interview questions that are frequently covered in RBS investment banking interviews.

The main focus of Java Interviews in RBS for investment banking domain is on:

  • Core Java: multi-threading & concurrency concepts, executor framework, object oriented programming, inheritance, exception handling, generics and collections.

  • Algorithms and data structures: time and space complexity of algorithms, sorting algorithms, hashing data structures, binary trees, etc.

  • Design patterns: Singleton, factory method, Flyweight, Decorator, Chain of responsibility, Strategy and Visitor design patterns.

  • RDBMS concepts: Type of indexes, Left and Right Joins, Outer and Inner Join, Sharding, Query optimization.

  • Puzzles

Written Test Java Questions

Core Java Interview Questions

Design Problems

  • How will you design a caching implementation where items in cache needs to be expired (deleted from memory) after age of 5 minutes irrespective of the access timing?
    Normally its not a good practice to add additional thread for cache cleanup, so better is to cleanup resource using clever mechanisms during the access time. It lowers complexity and resource usage at some extra cost of access time. Google Guava library does something similar in its cache library.

  • How will you design your own custom thread pool in Java? Don’t use the one provided by JDK.

  • What do you understand by Producer Consumer Problem?

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