RBS Java Interview Questions

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Written Test Java Questions

  1. What is the strategy to handle ConcurrentModificationException in your Java program ?

  2. What will be behavior of a Java Program where infinite recursion takes place with limited Stack memory ? Does the program complete or Stackoverflow exception is thrown ?

  3. Comparable vs Comparator ? when should I choose one over the another ?

  4. How will you remove duplicate records from a database table ? Will group by clause help ?

Core Java Interview Questions

  1. How does serialization takes place in Java ? What is purpose of externalizable interface ? What are transient variables ?

  2. Why most of methods in Collections class declared as static ?

  3. What is difference between overloading and overriding ? What is hiding of members and methods - both static and instance one ?

  4. What is ThreadLocal class used for ?

  5. What is purpose of Classloader provided by Java ? What is effect of multiple classloaders on Singleton Class ?

  6. NoClassDefFoundError vs ClassNotFoundException ?

  7. What is proxy design pattern ? What is it’s practical usage ?

Design Problems

  1. How will you design a caching implementation where items in cache needs to be expired (deleted from memory) after age of 5 minutes irrespective of the access timing ?

  2. How will you design your own custom thread pool in Java ? Don’t use the One provided by JDK.

  3. What do you understand by Producer Consumer Problem ?

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