Sapient Global Markets important topics in Java

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Important topics for Java developers

  1. Core Java

    • Polymorphism - overloading vs override, specifications for override, etc.

    • Inheritance - Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Casting classes, etc.

    • Generics - Upper bound, lower bound etc.

    • Multi-threading and Concurrency (must have) - wait() sleep() notify(), creating threads, Executors, volatile, Atomic package, Java Memory Model, Producer Consumer Problem, etc.

    • Collections (must have) - ArrayList, Vector, HashMap, ConcurrentHashMap, HashSet etc.

  2. Design Patterns and Design Skills

    • Creational Design Patterns - singleton, factory method, abstract factory etc.

    • Behavioral Design Patterns

    • Hands on Skills for coding exercise

  3. Database

    • Basic knowledge of DB concepts: table joins, indexes, etc.

    • Performance tuning of SQL queries

  4. Testing

    • Unit Testing

    • Blackbox and Whitebox Testing

    • Automation Testing

    • System and Integration Testing

  5. Best Practices

    • Agile Methodology

    • Test Driven Development

    • DevOps: Docker, Jenkins and CI/CD

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